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Letter: The real money is in teaching, not learning


An analysis on college costs and remuneration related to college presidents (some receiving salaries close to 2 million a year) and professors (many paid over $200,000 a year) on the Fox Business Channel, raises some interesting questions.

With the average college graduates debt being $25,000 after graduation, and CEO's over the weekend in an interview saying, unless you have better than a Liberal Arts degree, don't think that piece of paper guarantees you a decent job.

College Professors get great raises every year (no matter how bad the economy is) in spite of some spending as little as two days a week in the class room. I owned a cabin in the nearby mountains and the guy and his wife, (both professors at ASU, bragged to me, what a sweet deal they had. Two days a week in the classroom.

The whole sales pitch is, "Get a college degree, and you'll do so much better than the other guy!" Then comes 2012, and we read 51 percent of all college graduates cannot find a job in their field, yet are stuck with their huge college debt, and move back home with their parents.

Maybe if they learn to work with their hands, they'll not be looking for pity.

Paul Lidbeck



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